Hi, I am Brita Long.

I teach other open-minded attorneys how to use flat fees properly to consistently free up their time (not work over 40 hrs a week or less), simplify their practices, earn based on their value, and build extraordinary practices and lives.

But learning flat fees is only the beginning of creating an extraordinary practice, and life. When my students have some financial, emotional and time bandwidth we then begin to work on the deeper issues that are truly the root of their issues. The issues that keep coming back year after year. Whether than be their mindset, money issues, time management, or deeper issues.

Are you ready to live your most authentic, simple and superb life? You can practice law and still have an amazing life that you love. It is possible to move beyond the overwhelm, finally work under 40 hrs a week (or less), earn an great income and build an extraordinary practice and life.

Brita Long
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My Why

Many of us have achieved great things academically and professionally to get to the place we are now. We beat many odds to be able to even have bar numbers. We work hard, are smart, and generally really care about helping other people. And most of us aren’t truly happy or content. Because we know we can be doing better.

Yes, we may have our professional life “together,” but our personal life is a total dumpster fire. Many of us are self destructing by abusing drugs or alcohol, overworking, not having a healthy relationship with money, not taking care of our mental or emotional health, not taking care of our physical health, or other self-destructive behaviors.

Or maybe we have the Facebook picture perfect life — but it isn’t the truth. We are unhappy or at the very least, know things could be better. Maybe we don’t have a great connection with our spouse or kids. We know we aren’t a great boss, could be more organized, or don’t have a smooth work or personal life. Or we worry, are stressed out and are anxious a lot..okay, all of the flippen time. We just feel like we can’t get our shit together. Not truly. We have a lot of balls in the air and if one dropped, our entire life would fall apart. Or that is how it feels. And we never feel like we are good enough. Not a good enough attorney, provider, spouse, parent, boss – whatever. Oh, and this is our little secret that we can’t share with other attorneys either.

The bottom line...

The bottom line is that we aren’t happy. We think the next thing, program, retainer, accomplishment, closed case, whatever, will help, but we find that it is just a temporary fix. And we feel trapped. This is the way we live as attorneys. It is either this or we go work at Costco. Our family is depending on us and our income. We have worked really hard to get here and don’t want to just chuck it all away. But we still want to have a life worth living.

Most of us don’t want to work 50, 60 + hours a week until the day we retire (if we are even able to retire) or die. Oh, and yes, many of us die well before our time.

This used to be me. And I tried a whole lot of things to fix it. The problem was those “fixes” were meant to deal with the symptoms, not the root causes of my issues.

It took a lot of pain before I reached the point where something had to change and I could even get to the root. What I was doing wasn’t working. And not just in my professional life.

It took me self sabotaging my life —to the point of blowing it up financially to be willing to do some serious self examination and make big changes in my life. And I managed to change everything, from the inside out. I changed my relationship with my career, stuff, money, my health, other people, and most importantly myself.

I no longer have any issue valuing myself or valuing my work. I no longer have any issues setting and enforcing boundaries easily with clients, opposing counsel, family, friends, or anyone else. I no longer feel guilt when I’m not working. I no longer feel guilty about charging for my services or having money. I no longer have crippling anxiety. I have my shit together. Not all the time and no, my life is far from perfect. But it is a hell of a lot better. I know exactly what I am supposed to be doing with my life and how to do it.

Now I work with other attorneys so that hopefully they don’t have to blow up their lives in order to make the changes that will truly get their life together and create the life they really want and that fits them.

There are many ways to work with me. relatively easy work involving using flat fees and other video courses (in process,) to the deeper work of workshops, and the really deep work of one on one coaching. How deep you go is entirely up to you.

I don’t work with all attorneys.

This work isn’t the right fit for you if:
  • You’re looking for another 10 step program or tips that will give you a fast solution to an issue or problem in your life or practice.
  • You’re looking for a short term solution that will sort things out easily without you having to make any real changes or feel any real discomfort.
  • You’re looking for your life to change without you changing or doing things differently.
  • You’re looking for someone to agree with you and make you feel good.
  • You believe you can fix this in a short period of time.
  • You believe you can fix this by figuring it out intellectually. By reading just one more book or the right book.
  • You believe you will be ready to work on it when things have settled down and you have more time.
  • You believe that if only you had the right formula or plan you could do it. Whatever it is.

The price

Working with me isn’t cheap. There is a reason for that and it isn’t that I want to buy a boat. It is for your benefit. The work that my clients do takes commitment. A lot of commitment. Working with me is not for the faint of heart. People tend to only pay attention to what they pay for and hence, the investment in yourself reflects that commitment.

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Real reviews

What they say

Really excited to implement these ideas!

I feel like I have learned so much that is easy to apply to move forward from some flat fees to all flat fees. 

Thank you! I have been wanting to move in this direction for years.

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