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I love talking to attorneys about how their mindset affects their professional and personal lives and what small shifts in the way they think can make huge differences. I also love talking to attorneys about flat fees.

Brita Long

Speaking Engagements for Attorneys

If you want someone to come in and have a meaningful, authentic, conversation with your audience then I would be happy to speak at your event. I care deeply about our profession and asking the questions that we need to address is the only way in which we can be our best.

If you are interested in having me speak at your next event, please fill out our questionnaire and someone will be in touch shortly.

Thank you so much.


  • How our mindset impacts our work and life.
  • Flat fees.
  • Attorneys & money.
  • Why attorneys are so unhappy and how to prevent disaster or pull back from the brink.
  • Create the firm and career or your dreams.
  • Why flat fees are the best thing for our profession since the internet.
  • How any attorney can dramatically reduce their time working, make more money, and do great work by using flat fees.
  • How flat fees produce a higher quality work product.
  • Yes, you can use flat fees in litigation – any litigation.
  • Time management tools that will cause your productivity, of what is truly important, to explode.

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